Standing out from the crowd: Career Portfolio

[tweetmeme source=”premhealthjobs” only_single=false]Stand Out from the CrowdAn increasing number of articles and advice columns have been cropping up around something called a Career Portfolio.  As you investigate this option, you’ll find it a quality way to separate yourself from others competing for the same position.

Artists (graphic artists, illustrators, columnists, etc) have used a portfolios for years to demonstrate their abilities, skills, and accomplishments.  In a recent trend, more and more professionals are employing the same method.

The portfolio is so much more than the resume you’d provide at the initial stages of conversations with an organization.  Here’s a great list we found at of what to include in your portfolio.

  • Career Summary and Goals: A description of what you stand for (such as work ethic, organizational interests, management  philosophy, etc.) and where you see yourself in two to five years.
  • Professional Philosophy/Mission Statement: A short description of the guiding principles that drive you and give your purpose.
  • Traditional Resume: A summary of your education, achievements, and work experience, using a chronological or functional format.
  • Scannable/Text-Based Resume: A text-only version of your resume should also be included.
  • Skills, Abilities and Marketable Qualities: A detailed examination of your skills and experience. This section should include the name of the skill area; the performance or behavior, knowledge, or personal traits that contribute to your success in that skill area; your background and specific experiences that demonstrate your application of the skill.
  • List of Accomplishments: A detailed listing that highlights the major accomplishments in your career to date. Accomplishments are one of the most important elements of any good job-search.
  • Samples of Your Work: A sampling of your best work, including reports, papers, studies, brochures, projects, presentations, etc. Besides print samples, you can also include CD-ROMs, videos, and other multimedia formats.
  • Research, Publications, Reports: A way to showcase multiple skills, including your written communications abilities. Include any published papers and conference proceedings.
  • Testimonials and Letters of Recommendations: A collection of any kudos you have received -– from customers, clients, colleagues, past employers, professors, etc. Some experts even suggest including copies of favorable employer evaluations and reviews.
  • Awards and Honors: A collection of any certificates of awards, honors, and scholarships.
  • Conference and Workshops: A list of conferences, seminars, and workshops you’ve participated in and/or attended.
  • Transcripts, Degrees, Licenses, and Certifications: A description of relevant courses, degrees, licenses, and certifications.
  • Professional Development Activities: A listing of professional associations and conferences attended — and any other professional development activities.
  • Military records, awards, and badges: A listing of your military service, if applicable.
  • Volunteering/Community Service: A description of any community service activities, volunteer or pro bono work you have completed, especially as it relates to your career.
  • References List: A list of three to five people (including full names, titles, addresses, and phone/email) who are willing to speak about your strengths, abilities, and experience. At least one reference should be a former manager.

About Melissa Truax

Melissa Truax is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Prior to starting Premier Health Careers, Melissa had a successful career in the import industry, specializing in the children and pet toy sector. Tired of the constant travel schedule associated with importing goods from across the world, she decided it was time to move in a different direction. As Melissa explored her options, her natural tenacity and commitment to fully understanding people’s needs led her to the recruiting industry. Premier Health Careers was birthed from these traits in 2007. Since that time, employers and professionals alike have sought out the services of Melissa Truax and Premier Health Careers. Why? Melissa explains: “We see ourselves as partners with both the employers we place professionals with, as well as the professionals themselves. Rather than trying to tell people what their needs are, we slow down enough to listen, then can help fulfill those needs; oftentimes more effectively than other recruiting firms.” Partner up with Premier Health Careers for your next staffing need. Give Melissa a call at 877-835-7770 or email Melissa at
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